Adoptees Without Citizenship Story Collection

One of the biggest challenges to passing the Adoptee Citizenship Act is that most people are unaware that a problem even exists.

The Adoptees Without Citizenship Story Collection emerged because we believe it is important for people to listen to those directly impacted by this issue. Adoptees without citizenship, including those who have been deported, worked with us to tell their stories in this Collection because of the stakes of continued invisibility for adoptees without citizenship.

The adoptees who contributed to this collection live in the United States or in their country of birth/deportation, have vastly different personalities, experiences, and lives, but they all share a single hope: that they will be able to return home to the U.S. with citizenship. This collection shows a systemic failure in U.S. adoption, child welfare, and immigration with devastating costs to real people who were adopted as children.

We will be adding more stories in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

Adoptees for Justice is aware of adoptees living without U.S. citizenship from over 28 different countries and at least 50 adoptees who have been deported since 2000. Learn more on our Adoptee Citizenship Act page.

Note: these stories may be difficult to hear. To protect the safety of contributing adoptees, some names, images, and other information may be changed or withheld.