Take Action for the Adoptee Citizenship Act Today!

With the Adoptee Citizenship Act expiring with the 116th Congress on December 10th, we need all the help we can get to make citizenship for all adoptees a reality. Click an image in the gallery below to find out how YOU can help us build support for the Adoptee Citizenship Act – no matter if you have a lot of time or just a little

I have a little time...

  1. Sign the Petition
    • We deliver petition signatures to members of Congress to demonstrate constituent support and motivate them to pass the Adoptee Citizenship Act. Then, share the petition widely!
  2. Share
    • Follow and share our posts on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter! The #1 problem we encounter in our fight for the Adoptee Citizenship Act is that people do not know that this is a problem. Help us amplify the issue.
  3. Donate
    • Help us keep our organization running by donating to our Organizing Fund. Donate to our Adoptee Defense Fund to help adoptees without citizenship pay for legal and mental health services. Read more about our funds here.

I have a few minutes...

  1. Email Your Members of Congress
    • It’s important that members of Congress hear from their constituents about this issue. Let them know that you support the Adoptee Citizenship Act and citizenship for ALL adoptees – see our handy guide with email template here.
  2. Call Your Members of Congress
    • Every email, call, and visit about a particular issue is logged by Congressional offices. While we are uncertain about the efficacy of calling Congressional offices right now due to COVID-19 remote work, calling is a useful strategy in addition to other ways of contacting your Representative. View our call script here.
  3. Start a Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook
    • Facebook Birthday Fundraisers are a great way to support our organization and the work that we do. It only takes a few minutes to set up a Facebook Fundraiser, and it’s also a great way to share more about Adoptees for Justice – and the adoptee citizenship crisis – with people in your network!

I can make some time...

  1. Meet with Your Members of Congress
    • Help us get a virtual meeting with your Representative and Senators! Constituent meetings are essential to bring issues like adoptee citizenship to the attention of Congress members and build support for the bill. We’ll guide you through every step of the way with support from our staff. Sign up here.
  2. Volunteer
    1. Join the movement! Become a volunteer with Adoptees for Justice. While we are an intercountry adoptee-led organization, all who share our values and principles are welcome. Fill out the Volunteer with Us Form to get started.