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Calling your representatives can be intimidating, but it’s actually pretty easy to do! The person staffing the office may ask for your address in order to confirm you are a constituent of the representative.

Remember to speak clearly, be respectful, and say the bill name (Adoptee Citizenship Act of 2019) and bill number (H.R. 2731, S. 1554).

If you are nervous, remember that the people answering the office phone are staff or interns and they answer calls like this everyday.Tip: If you are nervous about talking to someone, consider calling on the weekends or evenings and leaving a voicemail!

Step 1: Find out who your U.S. Rep and Senators are.

Enter your address below!

FYI: You have 1 U.S. Representative (depending on what Congressional District your residence falls within) and 2 U.S. Senators (depending on what state you reside in).

Check if your Representative has already co-sponsored the Adoptee Citizenship Act here. Check if your Senator has already co-sponsored the bill here.

Locate your Senators and Representative

ex: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20500


Step 2: Dial the Office

Your Representative will be listed third along with a link to their website. Find their D.C. office telephone here or go their website to find their office telephone number (usually at the bottom of the website or under “Contact”).

Unsure who your Senators are? Select your state to find out who represents you and their office telephone number here.

Step 3: Calling

Although you support the Adoptee Citizenship Act, you might not know exactly what to say on the phone. Don’t worry–that’s why we created our phone script below.

Optional: Personalize your message.

Personalizing your message helps make a lasting impression and a more effective call. If you are have some relationship to adoption (adoptee, adoptive parent, work in an adoption agency, etc), please state it on the call! We’ve left some examples below that would replace the more generic “As someone who is gravely concerned about the issue,” in the phone script.

Example: As an international adoptee myself who was lucky enough to receive citizenship, I believe it is a tragedy that the U.S. government has not fulfilled its promise to all internationally adopted Americans to have a permanent home in the United States.

Example: As a parent who adopted their child from COUNTRY in YEAR, it is unacceptable that adopted children are not given the same security and opportunities as biological children.

Example: As an adoption professional, I am gravely concerned that not all international adoptees received U.S. citizenship. Lack of citizenship violates the fundamental promise of adoption–that adopted children receive a forever family and a permanent home.

Phone Script

“Hi, my name is [FULL NAME] from [CITY/STATE]. I’m calling to express my support for the Adoptee Citizenship Act of 2019, H.R. 2731 and S. 1554.

*Pause for their response.*

This Act will provide all legally adopted individuals with the citizenship they were promised during their adoption. Currently, thousands of international adoptees do not have their citizenship. This bill would demonstrate a commitment to protect the rights of those in the adoptee and adoption community.

As someone who is gravely concerned about this issue, I urge [Senator/Representative Name] to support and co-sponsor the Adoptee Citizenship Act now.

Thank you.”

Congratulations! You just made a difference by demonstrating your support of the Adoptee Citizenship Act! Now that you know how easy it is, share your experience with others and encourage them to call as well!

Also see our guides to help you contact your reps through a physical letter via the postal service, or email.