Adoptees For Justice unites with the Black community and those advocating for criminal justice reform and police accountability.

We strongly condemn the recent murders of David McAtee (KY June 2020), George Floyd (MN – May 2020), and Breonna Taylor (KY – March 2020). We acknowledge that there are so many more people who have lost their lives to police brutality that have not attracted national media attention or cannot be named here. We recognize these acts within a continuum of violence against Black people tracing back to racial slavery in the United States. These tragedies are proof that our country still does not value Black lives the way that it should. 

In accordance with our vision, Adoptees for Justice believes that all communities must be liberated from injustice in order to thrive, and that means we must challenge white supremacist systems that target, harm, and devalue Black lives. 

Police brutality is a systemic issue in our country. We strongly condemn the actions of officers Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and J Alexander Kueng who were involved in the actions that led to the death of George Floyd. We must stand in solidarity with both the Black community and the activists advocating for a criminal justice system that prioritizes the lives of victims of color over the law enforcement badges of their killers.Together we can make a change.

We recognize the complex position transracial adoptees face in these moments, particularly those who are Black transracial adoptees, but we also acknowledge that many transracial adoptees who have grown up in proximity to white privilege have internalized anti-Blackness. We call on the Adoptee Community to challenge this anti-Blackness and stand in solidarity against the overaggressive policing and violence against the Black community [by police]. 

We understand the challenges that transracial adoptees face in navigating racial identity, and Adoptees for Justice is working towards creating educational opportunities for adoptees to connect and learn from each other as we examine our own privilege and oppression.

We call on the Adoptee Community to stand in solidarity police brutality that targets members of the Black community.   

  • Sign the Color of Change petition demanding justice for George Floyd
  • Donate to bail funds fighting to protect protesters all around the country.
  • Connect with or volunteer at and support local Black-led organizations
  • Support Black-led businesses in your community
  • Check out the Movement for Black Lives’ Week of Action page to see how you can support from wherever you are 
  • For adoptees who want to learn more about social justice issues like anti-blackness and systems of oppression, sign up HERE for upcoming educational content/opportunities from A4J 

In Solidarity,

Adoptees for Justice