Citizenship, Community, and How to Help Panel

Hosted by Transracial Adoptees at Ohio State University. Join LSA, SCOPE, and TAO as we host Emma Wexler and Anissa Druesedow to discuss citizenship status and various barriers to the citizenship and legalization process. We will also discuss how students can better advocate and support adoptee citizenship rights and people who are undocumented.   Find […]

AdopteeBridge Panel: Adoptees as Immigrants and Adoptee Citizenship Act

Do transnational adoptees identify as immigrants? Or, do we mainly feel “American” (or citizens to the countries where we were adopted?) This Who We Are panel will first have a presentation of Emma Wexler’s Honors Thesis, Invisible Immigrants: The Politics of Transnational/racial Asian American Adoptees, followed by members of Adoptees for Justice who will discuss the importance of the Adoptee Citizenship Act.

Virtual Legislative Training: Last of 2020

Join us for A4J's Legislative Training Session on how to meet with your Representative and Senator about the Adoptee Citizenship Act, H.R. 2731 and S. 1554. Constituent meetings are essential to bring issues like adoptee citizenship to the attention of Congress members and build support for the bill!