Our Mission

To educate, empower, and organize transracial and transnational adoptee communities to achieve just and humane adoption, immigration, and restorative justice systems.


Our Vision

A world where every person thrives in a safe and supportive environment in which communities of color, immigrants, and adoptees are liberated from all forces of injustice, with full citizenship for all.


Our Principles

We believe all adoptees are equal despite different levels of privilege and disenfranchisement experienced, and no adoptee should be left behind.

We stand for our co-liberation as adoptees, immigrants, and people of color.

We commit to be led by those most impacted.

We commit to inclusive and intersectional spaces that affirm all aspects of who we are.

We embrace a reconciliation that is rooted in genuine, real justice.

We must be informed by historical context to address injustice inherent in current immigration policies and structures.