How to Create an Online Petition

Why Create an Online Petition?
Petition gathering is an easy way to advocate for a specific issue. This method allows you to grow community support, gain momentum and pressure lawmakers to pass the legislation that you want. It is an easy way to involve your friends, family or organization, too!

Come up with an introduction and the “why” of the petition. It
should be easy to understand so individuals know why they are signing the petition.

Step 1: Think about the different pieces of information you would like to
collect from people. At the very minimum, you should ask for the following:
First & Last Name
Zip Code of Residence
Are you interested in joining?

Step 2: Once you have determined what questions and information you’ll need, you can get started on creating the form. In your Google Drive, click the “New” button. Then select “More” then “Google Forms.”

Step 3: Your Google Form has been created! Now, you take the information you came up with in Steps 1 and 2 and input it into the form.

Step 4. Click the “Responses” tab at the top, then click the Google Sheets icon. This will create a spreadsheet in your Google Drive with all of the responses to the form.

Step 5: Click the icon that looks like an eye to preview the Google Form and see it as a person filling out the petition might. Check it over and make any edits.
Step 6: Hit “Send” in the upper right and send the form to yourself so you can test it out. If everything works, then you are all done!
Step 7: Share the petition via email, link, or embed it on a website!