Below is a sample email for writing your federal reps. Replace the bolded areas with your own information. If you are emailing a senator, choose “H.R. 2731” and “House” (and delete out “S.1554” and “Senate”). If you are emailing a Congressmember, choose “S. 1554” and “Senate” (and delete out “H.R. 2731” and “House”). See our guide How to Write Your Federal Reps: How to Email Using Democracy.Io.

Subject: [S.1554 or H.R. 2731] Adoptee Citizenship Act of 2019
“My name is [FIRST, LAST NAME] and I am a community member who resides in [CITY,

Currently, the law governing international adoption places adoptive families at risk in throughout the United States. Several deportations of individuals who were legally adopted from foreign countries have already taken place, breaking up families and returning the deported individuals to places where they were born but have no other connections. The proposed legislation [S. 1554 or H.R. 2731] Adoptee Citizenship Act of 2019 in the U.S. [House or Senate] would grant citizenship to adoptees whose parents did not complete the necessary processes to provide their adopted children with citizenship. We ask for your support in cosponsoring this important bill which would guarantee the naturalization of adoptees who immigrated to America under the promise of finding a permanent home. I feel as I know you do, that every adopted child is entitled to a safe, secure, permanent placement; citizenship is an essential component.

Thank you for your consideration.